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    Rigby Real Estate


    Rigby. A small town, located in Jefferson County Idaho, founded by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 1884. Rigby was then incorporated in 1903. The community, and area, was named after William F Rigby, one of the prominent early settlers from the 1884 founding members. As you go to the “outskirts” of the Rigby area you will be greeted by smaller areas such as Annis, Garfield, Grant, Labelle and Clark. As you drive through other areas of Jefferson County, you run into smaller, neighboring towns, such as Menan, Roberts, Lewisville and Ririe. 
    The farm life is very prevalent in the Rigby area. One of the highlights of Rigby is the Jefferson County Fair. Each summer you are able to appreciate the farm life and culture of the Jefferson County area. You will have the opportunity to see the cattle life, lambs, horses and pigs that are paraded around with a wonderful pride from the kids who have done their best to raise them to the best of their abilities. The 4-H club that is heavily utilized there in Rigby lets children learn the best way to be around farm life, animals, plants, gardens and the outdoors. It helps rear children to be better in everyday life, to stay away from electronics drowning out their ambitions. As kids are on summer vacation from school, the 4-H club is there to keep kids’ minds running with ambition, keeping them busy and their minds alert before going back to school. 
    Rigby claims it’s fame to the outside world as the “birthplace of the television.” Philo Taylor Farnsworth, who crafted the very first blueprint for the television display, did so while attending Rigby High School in Jefferson County. He would later go on to invent the very first vacuum tube television display. Original tubes from his displays were on display at Rigby High School for years. These have since been moved to the Jefferson Country Museum.
    Hard work is something that is crafted out of children in the Rigby area. Most kids there are growing up on farms and learn at a very young age the importance of work. That hard work translates to the playing field in sports, to the science drawing board in the classroom, and later on in to life beyond Rigby. The Rigby School System recently implemented the World Language Immersion Program (WLI). Half of the school day is in English and the other half is in Spanish or Chinese. A wonderful opportunity for the local residents to take advantage of as it is currently the only district in southeast Idaho that offers this program. In a State, and area, that is coming up the rear in school system and the way school is done in America, this is something that really speaks to those who live there in the Rigby area.  
    Some of the highlights around Rigby, showcase that it just isn’t a “small town”, though widely spread out, there is Rigby Lake, two Golf Courses, a museum, a small amusement style park, and it is 15 minutes from Kelly Canyon Ski Resort, where you will enjoy skiing and snowboarding. 
    As you are looking for a place to call home, there are lots of great reasons to call Rigby this place. The area is beautiful, it is perfectly set between two bigger towns in Southeast Idaho, located between Idaho Falls and Rexburg. The setting of Rigby is the perfect place to raise a family. It has great school systems, it has great clubs and camps to be a part of, it teaches a powerful work ethic, and it gives your kids the change to roam, playing outside, while still feeling so protected by their surroundings. Surroundings built by wonderful neighbors and down-to-Earth people.