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    Why the NBA sucks now!

    One of my favorite sports growing up was basketball. I loved everything basketball. I was the kid who was outside, in the frigid Idaho Falls air, still shooting hoops, even if I had gloves and boots on. I loved everything about the sport. Most people I work with here at the Group Real Estate will talk with me about this, as well. Especially at that time, I was all about the NBA. Even making a fun bet with my grandpa at the time the Bulls were playing the Lakers in the Finals. This led itself well to a fun lunch time with my grandpa, as he paid for my lunch that day. I would go outside in the middle of my Saturdays and make up my own NBA teams, names of players, who had their own shot style, and everything. I was deep seeded into my love of the NBA. I loved Michael Jordan more than anyone else. I was very young when he first entered the League, just one years old, to be matter of fact. As my love for the sport grew, I kept with the wonderful game time plays of MJ, Magic Johnson, then into the 90s with MJ still, but learning to love Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, and David Robinson. As I entered my Middle School years, I would start to emulate my game mannerisms after a player named Allen Iverson. I was the only kid who rooted for the Bulls in a group of Jazz fans during the NBA Finals. My Senior year, I received one of the greatest graduation gifts from a friends’ mom, who took us down to a Utah Jazz game, while they were playing the Kings, who, at that time, had Jason Williams. A flashy guard, known for awesome passes, great pull ups, and an awesome style. As part of this, I got to go down to the locker room and meet him. What a great experience. This was just a small amount of my love for the NBA at that time. In my high school years I started to get into the NCAA even more and followed that style of basketball even more. There was more heart put into the game, and for some of the player it would be the final time they suited up. Now, in the 80s and 90s, even a bit into the early 2000s, the NBA was somewhat like this still.

    Fast forward to where we are now. I am a true blue college ….football fan. Now, this is a sport that I also grew up watching and loving, both in the NCAA and the pros. My dad raised us on football, as football was more his thing. So, I had a love there already, but I have now found an even deeper love for college football. I still love watching college basketball, as the same camaraderie is there and the love of the sport. However, with the NFL still giving me a great love of football on the pro level, the NBA is awful. Yup. Awful. If you watch games now, it is slow paced, almost bordering on slogging. If you attend them in person, you will see how rough and sloppy they are, making you think, “these guys are professionals?” The other side of it, is they are overpaid, whiny, actors. We have seen so many technical fouls now, athletes kicked out of games, for the most ridiculous things. Most recently, a mouth piece being thrown at a referee. The entitlement is out of control, which leads to the sloppy nature, leading even more to it being unwatchable. Even the Playoffs aren’t what they used to be. You will, over the past 10 years, have known one of about 4 teams who was going to win it all. There was no more mystery, and if one athlete believed he was supposed to win, but didn’t there was never any accolade to the other teams, or players, there was just whining about why they weren’t treated well, why they didn’t win, why the refs called bad calls, etc.

    I am sad to say, as a true basketball fan, that I no longer watch, or care about, the NBA. Give me the NFL, NCAA basketball, and especially NCAA football over this whiny, sloppy, sport any day!

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