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    Who is the Best Batman?

    As we love to have these debate about “who is the better” or “which is the better”, I thought it would be fun to take this time to write about the best Batmen. We at the Group Real Estate, a small time Southeast Idaho Real Estate brokerage, doing big things for homes for sale in Idaho Falls, love to talk about these things all the time. We love talking about our favorites in these scenarios all the time. It makes for some fun debate, fun commentary, exciting times of watching passion and having a lot of fun.

    As we look towards the Batman scenario here, we have so many different iterations to look at. For this purpose, I could go any way with it. With that, I am going to just label my favorites, and I will rank them from worst to best. Although, I want you to know that this isn’t a worst or best deal, as there isn’t a worst in this situation here. There is only a good, better, best in this situation. For this reason, I am going to leave George Clooney off the list. It is one terrible take on the character and one of the worst films of all time.
    6. Val Kilmer. Now, with Val on the list, most people would think that I should add him to the list with George Clooney. However, Val is a very important of my Batman growing up. I was about 16 years old, a time when you love all things, don’t care about things, and when something you love comes out, you are super stoked about it! This is what Val Kilmer is for me in the Batman worlds. He is pure nostalgia for me, as he comes from a movie that I know is terrible, but I absolutely love so much, in the most nostalgic way. He was finally a more imposing Batman for me, at the time. He embodied the sexy style of Bruce Wayne that we wanted to see, and he looked great in the Bat outfit… nipples aside.
    5. Christian Bale. Now, again, here is another one that most people would probably ostracize me for. I know so many people who put Christopher Nolan on a pedestal, and because of this, they put his Dark Knight trilogy, starring Bale, on that same pedestal. I love Bale as Bruce Wayne and Batman, especially in Batman Begins. Which is a whole other argument and debate of which one of the trilogy is best. I love him in Dark Knight, as well, but I don’t think he holds up in the third one. He comes across very wooden, and simple, which is very odd for Bale, as an actor. This is one of the reasons that he falls on the list. Batman Begins, though, is one of the big pinnacles in all of comic book films!

    4. Adam West. Adam West, from the parody and silly filled Barman and Robin from the 1960s, was what the world needed at that time. When it came out, knowing it was going to be a wonderful parody of anything comic book, it was such a wonderful take on Bruce Wayne and a very silly version of Batman. When I watched reruns of this when I was a kid, I loved how he embodied two different personas when it came to how he was as Bruce Wayne, to how he was as Batman. When it came to all the fun, mockery of the character, he was perfect at hamming it up in the best way possible. Rest in Peace to the best Batman from my very early childhood.
    3. Ben Affleck. In Batman v Superman, anyway. I reviewed Justice League earlier and lent on how Batfleck was the worst part of that movie, sadly. However, in Batman v Superman, he is the perfect from the comic books to the screen take on the character. As a true comic book nerd, we love to see our character brought to life in such a perfect way, and this is one of those. The epitome of it, even. The way he moves, the way he flies through the air, and how he plays the perfect, tortured character we all love from the comic books. His take on Bruce Wayne is just as great, as a tired, broken, and very tortured version of the character. One of the things that helps this, is he has already been Batman for 20 years when we meet him. This is a great take on the character, with a wonderful look, the muscled body with the cool gray and black outfit, and the way he takes down a bunch of thugs in the warehouse is an incredible sight to behold.
    2. Michael Keaton. When Michael Keaton was cast as Batman for the film they were going to do in 1989, there was an uproar. As a comedy actor, Tim Burton went for him after how much he loved working with the actor in Beetlejucie. When he was done, he believed that Keaton would bring a relateability and sly comedic undertone to the Bruce Wayne side of the character, but would be stoic enough and dark enough to play Batman. And all these things were so true. Keaton doesn’t have the muscles like Affleck or Bale. He doesn’t have the athletic ability or suave like Kilmer. He isn’t as silly as West. But, he truly is the best live action Batman (more on that in a second). As you watch the movie, it is a full on amazing thing to see how they bring so much of the noir look and feel of Gotham to the screen, and to see a comic book movie brought to life, it hits all of these notions. As I look at who I prefer as my favorite onscreen Batman, I will always point towards Michael Keaton. Especially from a comic book nerd, and film guy, perspective. It showcases all of these things specifically. Tim Burton truly brought a wonderful take on the character to screen.
    1. Kevin Conroy. Most of you out there may not know who this is, and it may be unfair as he is just a voice actor, but Kevin Conroy is the voice of Batman and Bruce Wayne on Batman the Animated Series from the early 1990s. The take on the character is fully embodied in how he voices the character. It is a subtle change from the Bruce Wayne voice to the Batman voice, and the character truly is performed as if he was acting it out. Batman in the Animated Series is also the best take on the character that we have. The turmoil of the character is all too realized and, as an animated show goes, it was nominated for multiple Emmy awards. The adult themes are all too present, especially now as an adult re watching a lot of them with my kids, and this helps the show be far beyond it’s years when it comes to a great take on Batman and a wonderful show. Please, if you haven’t, check this one out.
    These are my picks for the best Batmen. Let me know if you have any differences. Or if you may agree with a lot of these. In the mean time I am going to go watch Batman, in any of these iterations, and love it.

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