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    Walking the Greenbelt

    Written by:

    Justin Middleton. Realtor. The Group Real Estate, Idaho Falls.

    I always enjoy walking around the greenbelt, so over the weekend my friend Marci and I
    walked around the main part near the temple. There are always photo opportunities and I can’t
    think of a single time I have been there when it did not look nice. It is also good for people
    watching. It is a unique place to run and I have heard there are plans to widen the path that runs
    around the whole belt. When I was a kid, my cousins and siblings and I would go there with our
    parents and you could feed popcorn and bread pieces to the ducks and geese, but they have
    discouraged that recently. Of course, you can also fish around the greenbelt and there are some
    pretty big trout in there. I recommend using nightcrawlers or one of those Panther Martin
    spinners with the yellow body and red dots. On both sides of the greenbelt, you can find popular
    areas to hang out with classy restaurants and bars. Technically, the greenbelt now runs down to
    Sunnyside and you can take the jogging path as far north through Freeman Park by the college
    and the INL buildings. The hotels along the main area by the temple are also popular, due to the
    views and proximity to things to do. There is a canal that runs along part of the river behind the
    Best Western hotel near Denny’s that we used to swim in as teenagers but they have also put a
    stop to that. The city’s art scene has tried to gradually pick up in this area so a lot of the park
    benches are done by different local artists and each bench has a unique design to it, as they do
    downtown. The spot near Taylor’s Crossing along the river is being developed and I believe they
    are putting in a small amphitheater there. Throughout the warmer months, there is a farmer’s
    market which is definitely worth checking out. It can be found on the east side of the river just
    north of Broadway. On the south side of Broadway is a Japanese Zen garden. This has been a
    popular area for playing Pokemon Go since its release. Every year for Independence Day, the
    Melaleuca fireworks show has been held at the main section of the greenbelt, but as of this year
    it has been moved further south off Milligan Road, south of Snake River Landing. Snake River
    landing itself is developing nicely and is just south of Pancheri. There is also the car show and
    the duck race which are also held along the greenbelt as well as art shows where artists can sell
    their work. Freeman Park is a great area for families. The large hill next to the Vietnam War
    memorial is great for sledding in the winter and barbecues in the spring and summer, plus a
    frisbee gold park. The greenbelt really does have something for everyone.

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