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    Transitioning From Stay At Home Dad to Full Time Employee

    I work for The Group Real Estate in Idaho Falls. I have only been here since February of this year. Before this, I worked for a company in Idaho Falls. I had just come off a stint as a teacher, which I absolutely loved, but some rearranging of the super and the principal made some interesting changes and I wasn’t able to stay on. I told myself I was going to look around for teaching gigs, but as that trended off into darkness, I looked for what jobs I could. I landed a manager job at a company here in Idaho Falls, in the customer service department. I quickly moved up to being an Events Manager. I was off and running helping with scheduling, doing marketing and being placed in charge of logo gear and running the store. I traveled to awesome locations, such as Rome and Japan, and plenty of domestic places, such as Florida and California, to promote events, help with the event itself, and work the event, with wherever they needed me. I thought this was a great job, though one part I noticed was wearing on me was I wasn’t seeing my girls as much as I wanted to and I felt that they were growing up without me around. I fell into a depression and sadness, due to this. The job was alright and I felt as though I was doing great there. I was getting along well with the other employees and those that we worked with at events. One day, I received the same phone call I received, almost, every single day, asking if I could go speak with my boss. As I walked into the room, I had no idea what was about to happen, and after horribly asking me how my day was, he proceeded to tell me that I was being let go. My heart sank. My mind started racing a million miles an hour. I stood up and shook his hand, gathered my stuff, and left. I cried. A lot. I called my friends, my family and my wife. Not fully knowing what to say or what had just happened.

    This was my time to change and make myself happier somehow. I went through an array of emotions. My mom was super upset. My wife was sad. And I was confused. The next day I was upset. The following I was sad. These emotions flip flopped so much for the following days, that a friend of mine lent me is PlayStation 4, one of my all time favorite games, and I lost myself in the land of Uncharted, playing my favorite action hero, Nathan Drake. These moments of solace helped out a lot. I lost myself in the game, lost myself in more prayers and crying, but the one thing I found the most solace in, was I was able to stay home with my three beautiful daughters. I found that I was able to take my kindergartner down to the bus, I helped more with getting my oldest dressed and off to dance in the afternoons, and I had all day at home playing with my youngest. I started to find another part of happiness rising in me as I was able to spend more, and more, time with my girls.

    I knew at some point that I was going to have to go back to work. I was given a severance package from the previous job, to which I told myself that I would take the first of that and do nothing but stay home with my girls. I was getting back into the groove of being a stay at home dad. I made sure to do all I could with them, helping them with their homework, playing dress up with them, watching Batman cartoons with them, and taking them to dances and such. Due to this, I made sure that I was taking in the idea of being the best stay at home dad I could.

    At the same time, I was making sure to apply everywhere I could. I applied for sales jobs, marketing jobs and retail jobs. I had plenty of interviews, lots of phone interviews and a whole lot of rejection. It was starting to get frustrating as the holiday season was fast approaching. It wasn’t until February the next year that I landed a job at this Real Estate company. Doing all the things that I was applying for in marketing and the arts. The job was wonderful, but to be honest, the first week was very tough. The transition from going from being home with my daughters all day long to going back to full time work was a very difficult transition. I had gotten so used to being with the girls all day long, helping them with all their, great girly things. There were days for the first month, where my youngest daughter was wondering why I was leaving in the morning and I would hear phrases like, “But, daddy, why do you have to go to work today?” This made it very tough to go back to work. Even to a place that has an amazing environment and wonderful culture.

    What started to help me with this, was looking at the other side of it all. When I was coming home from work, I would hear the words, “Daddy’s home!” This truly started to become the new, very highlight of my day. That became my happy moment in the afternoons. Even working at a place where you are loved, where you feel love from co workers and bosses, it doesn’t compare to the sound of hearing your daughter yell for you as you get home. The time I had with my daughters is a time I will never take for granted. I will always look back on that as a time to learn how to garner love again, to become happy, and truly find myself again. Not only has that helped me in my day to day life, becoming more confident and helping me in my day to day work, but it now gives me an even great appreciation in making sure that I don’t take time with my daughters for granted.

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