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    Top 10 Restaurants in Idaho Falls

    I’ve lived in this area for quite a few years now. Worked here at The Group Real Estate, and other spots in Idaho Falls for a few years. One of the many things that I hadn’t done, though, was seek after some amazing eateries that we have here in Idaho Falls. Within the last 3 years, though, I was able to appreciate and find some of these amazing eateries. So, for this blog I want to run with the idea of a Top 10, but it will be the Top 5 reviewed restaurants and then my own Top 5 favorite places to eat here. So.. here we go:

    Top 5 Restaurants in Idaho Falls, per reviews.

    1. Culver’s. One of the greatest burger places to eat. The reason being, is the meat is never frozen Midwest-raised beef and the buns they use are buttered and toasted. They are also known for their crinkle cut french fries. Culver’s has a great background in that the late George Culver started an A&W in Sauk City, Wisconsin in 1961. As he wanted to expand his own name and style, he opened the first Culver’s Frozen Custard and ButterBurgers in 1984. One of the specialties at Culver’s is the fried cheese curds. Do yourself a favor and experience the great burgers, crinkle fries and custard from Culver’s today!
    2. Ferraros Italian Cuisine. What is great about this restaurant are a lot of the reviews are actually from people who live out of town and stumble upon this place, all due to Yelp reviews. Some of the better reviews say phrases like, “This isn’t really a problem, but I guess it could be, there was too much cheese on the plate.” One person even went on to say, “When you can say the phrase ‘too much cheese’ and ‘problem’ in the same sentence. All the pasta noodles and pasta sauces are made there, fresh, in house. As well as the bread they bring out, per most Italian restaurant traditions.
    3. Abracadabra. One of the qualities that sets this a part from other restaurants, is the atmosphere. Known specifically as a breakfast and brunch eatery. One of the cuisines offered there is Captain Crunch french toast. Most people would think on how strange that is, but once you taste it, you will never want to go back to normal french toast. One review said it was “something my taste buds will never forget!” The casual atmosphere is very inviting and the specialties make it a wonderful place to go for breakfast… or for a casual brunch. “Who doesn’t love brunch?!”
    4. Diablas Kitchen. Known as a place that serves “comfort food”, there are great dishes here you wouldn’t normally think of. One of them being a pork verde burrito made with an apple jalapeno slaw and pepper apricot glaze. Just thinking of all of those ingredients together is making me hungry! If you decide to do a dinner there, they are always making changes to their menu, which means you will have a different experience each and every time you go. They also help plan out fun, themed dinners. They also feature a breakfast and brunch menu.
    5. Copper Rill Restaurant. One of the amazing qualities here, is that it is a restaurant that faces the river and the beautiful Idaho Falls temple. Only open in the evening, it is known for it’s high quality meal choices for dinner, that range from salmon to filet mignon. They serve a wide variety of seafood to your regular old steak and potatoes. A very welcoming atmosphere and place to have company parties, or a beautiful place to dine out on a date.

    Top 5 Restaurants in Idaho Falls, according to Derek:

    1. Lucy’s New York Style Pizzeria. Most everyone who knows me, knows that I am on a strict diet for a bodybuilding show. Well, a part of being on a strict diet is the cravings that you get. And one of the main cravings that I struggle with.. is pizza. And not just any pizza. But Lucy’s pizza. Pizza sauce can have a bad affect on a lot of people, due to the acidity in it. Lucy’s sauce does not have this affect. The sauce here is darn near perfect.  What sets it a part though, is you can order one slice of pizza. And the slice is big. One person stated that it’s the “best pizza in all of Idaho.”
    2. Blue Hashi. One of the best parts of this sushi joint, is the staff. It has a very welcoming feel. You are always waited on by the very best staff, who is very knowledgeable. Sushi can be a very picky place for people to eat. One of the greatest parts of eating there, is they do what is called “a vision”, where the staff puts together something different every time, dependent on your wants and needs. Do yourself a favor next time you are there and order The Phoenix specialty roll. You will not be disappointed.
    3. Los Panchos. This is, hands down, the best Mexican restaurant in Idaho Falls. I know a lot of you will say, “but what a bout Morenitas?” They have amazing tacos, yes. But the entire menu at Panchos far outweighs Morenitas. And the best part of it, is the prices. You will not find better prices, for amazing, authentic Mexican food in all of Idaho Falls, as you will at Panchos. Next time you are craving Mexican food, do yourself the huge favor of finding this little restaurant (located inside an old house) behind the temple, near DI, and order the quesadilla. Amazing on your pocket book and taste buds.
    4. Franklin’s Famous Cheesesteak Company. Though they do not create the Philly Cheesesteak the same way it is created in Philadelphia, what they are known for is all the specialty type cheesesteaks that they do create. They are very fast with making them up, the service is amazing, and they quickly create some of the best fast food style cheesesteaks I’ve ever tasted. They always make sure to serve it very hot and juicy. They use 8″ rolls as their sandwich bread and this helps so much in capturing the flavor of the food inside. One of their specialties is the semi spicy paprika that they douse their fries and tots in.
    5. Chick-fil-A. A list with restaurants is a top list without adding on Chick-fil-A. One of the main reasons to go to Chick-fil-A is the amazing service. This is a fast food joint that is housing and serving hundreds of people each day and the customer service is, bar none, the best customer service in any service industry in Idaho Falls. Working for a business, in business, etc. you can learn an exceptional amount just by going to Chick-fil-A. Known for their chicken nuggets, even grilled style if you prefer, they are truly magnificent, when it comes to nuggets. One of the best places to take kids, as their is a play area included, they bring you out your food, and the atmosphere does nothing but breed happiness.

    What are some of your favorite restaurants? Let everyone know. Thanks to all these amazing places for making such great food for all of us here in Southeast Idaho to enjoy. Do yourself a big favor and give these places a try as soon as possible. Nothing disappointing about this list.

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