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    The Trip is Here!

    I’ve been working in the Idaho Real Estate business now for just over 6 months. I work for the Group Real Estate in Idaho Falls, a small real estate company doing big things, that was originally located in Shelley, Idaho. I am from Shelley. My wife and my three daughters have a home there. One that we built just 2 years ago this week, actually. I was laid off from my previous job, with a good severance package, so due to having the time, having the severance, I decided I was going to finally get a trainer. One that would lead me to doing my ultimate goal, of being on stage, doing amateur bodybuilding. I had a friend that was about to compete at the time, so I hit him up for who his coach was. I used her for about 5 months. She got me lean. She helped me understand better the things that I always thought I knew about the sport, about nutrition, and even working out. She opened my eyes to something completely new. After the new year hit, I was in need of a job badly. The severance was gone, the fear hit harder, and I lost a bit of sight of the goal of doing the bodybuilding. I got the job here at the Group Real Estate among so many people who want to see you succeed. The idea of your goals coming to fruition is something that drives them on a day to day basis.

    As I started working here, the idea of hitting my affirmations and hitting the goals I had always wanted to hit came back full swing. So, I hired a trainer, that is a close friend of my friend who was the competitor. Now, going back to this, I need to tell you that part of the goal that I have always had, was when I entered the bodybuilding world about 6 years ago, due to this same friend, who was in it about 3 years at the time, the goal was that we were going to step on stage together. At one point, when I was at my last job, a job that didn’t care about your livelihood or your goals outside of work, I had lost my way in the bodybuilding world. I was still working out and loving the bodybuilding articles, etc., but I was going out to eat everyday with co workers, I was going on trips for the company where I wasn’t working out and gorging myself on candy. I saw him one day and he said to me, “What happened, bro? We were gonna be on stage together.” Man, that hit me. It hit me hard.

    Full swing back to where I am now. At a place that truly cares about my goals, about my future, about the things that I hold dear to my heart. As I type this, I am thinking about my trip this weekend. I am going to Spokane, Washington with my trainer and this exact friend I was just talking about, to step on stage in the Middle Weight division/class for bodybuilding. The bitter sweet part of this, is that friend will be standing right next to me on stage, as we will be fulfilling out dream together that we talked about 6 years ago. There are so many emotions that are flooding my mind and heart, even as I type this. I never thought that I would get to where I am right now, or be getting ready to go step on stage, doing something that I have talked about on and off for the last 6 years.

    Now, some may say that this an extreme goal, and it is. I have highlighted in multiple blogs before this the pains of prepping, the tough aspect it can have on your mind, and the way that it really brings out a different side of you, good and bad. This is the hardest sport that I have ever been a part of. When I say that, though, I say that with a passion and with great intention. I love that I decided to go this route, more than anything. Even through the down times when all I want is the pizza that work provides or the gummy worms that I get for my kids when we are travelling somewhere. And there is a time and place for that, for sure. And I know that I will be able to enjoy those things again. But as I have gone on this journey, I have found myself, through and through. Never have I been so happy, never have I been so satisfied at a job and with those that I work with, and the way that I have prepped, planned, and worked my butt off for the bodybuilding competition, that has bled over into my day to day, giving me more confidence, a better outlook on life, and a it has made me a better person, all around.

    Even though this is an extreme goal, I want to highlight the importance of goal setting, affirmations, and having a true vision, then getting to work. There are so many times in our lives that we get a goal, or we have one, and we don’t work. We just expect it to happen over night. Some of us will have goals, get to work, but quit right when it was about to break or happen. There is truth in sticking to your vision, staying the course and working hard. When you know what you want to do, when you get a vision, don’t doddle, just get to freakin’ work!

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