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    The Power of Positivity

    Here in Idaho falls, at a place called The Group Real Estate, a small town brokerage doing big things for Southeast Idaho Real estate, we love being positive minded. We love to truly bring out the positive light in one another whenever we are able. As we are continually searching for Homes for sale in Idaho, within Idaho Falls real estate, it can be a tough market, and a tough time. The positive light that is fueled by one another, to other agents here, is amazing to behold.

    Why is positivity so contagious? Why is negativity? These are some amazing things to think on. I say this, as it is important to note that either way you are, you will find that you can somewhat bend people to follow along that way. When you are looking in your day to day to find the motivation to be better, to do your best, to have a great work day, to get through your work day, to get through your marriage, through friendships, through life itself, there are so many different ways that we can go about doing so. And they are bent on positivity or negativity.
    I have a very close friend who works for Toys R Us. I have worked with him so many times in my career, all of those times being in retail. The first time that I met him, was actually, at a movie. I met him there, talked with him about movies, quite a bit, and he made sure to have such a fun outlook on life, on the way he watched movies, and about his love of life. Not long after I would work with him at Toys R Us. I had heard some, only negative, things about him before working with him. This was at the movie, before, I had heard so much bad. Once I truly got to work with him, be around him, and know him, I fell in love with his positive attitude, his fortitude in work and his love of most everything I loved.
    When he left Toys R Us, we kept in touch, and eventually worked together at GameStop. This was another time, as we were both managers, him still being my superior, that we got to feed off the positivity or negativity of each other. I found quickly that I wasn’t fit of retail, and that is okay. We all need to go our own path. But he stayed. He is now an assistant manager of Toys R Us. As he stuck with it, worked hard and kept his attitude where it needed to be, he was able to create a wonderful spot at a place that has been so tainted with a negative outlook. He brings a sense of camaraderie and love to a place that was seemingly lost on it. AS we look forward to the way that we work in today’s world, this is something that is missing with so many who work long hours and believe that putting in time is the way to work. When we truly know that it is about value. My friend, through a positive nature, has brought this to so many in his life.
    I highlight my friend in this blog, as he is someone who has truly touched my life. I watch him go through a tough work environment and a place that truly can be conceived as negative, yet he comes through with such fervor and power in a positive light, that it helps him succeed not only at Toys R Us but in his life. He is someone I want to be around. I look forward to texts from him. I want to be there in times of his need, as he is there to be there in mine. He supports me no matter the cause and even when we disagree on things we are always able to keep the love that we have found in a wonderful brotherhood.
    Positive people truly keep those around them positive. If there are negative driven people in their world, they are able to take that positive light and push the optimism in their worlds. This is such an important trait to have. I hope to be half the man that my friend is, in support of his wonderful family and how he truly dictates himself on a day to day basis

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