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    The Importance of Experience

    I have mentioned in a few blog posts before this, that I work for The Group Real Estate in Idaho Falls, a small real estate company doing big things in the real estate world of South East Idaho. As I go forward with this job, it is the best job I have had. There is a camaraderie here that is better among the real estate agents and the employees than I have ever been around. As I say this, know that I have had other jobs that were good. They were good stepping stones, they helped me out in my career choices, for good or bad, as I have traversed through the many different jobs that I have had in the past. Working here at The Group Real Estate, I have done a lot of marketing, done some transaction coordination and admin work, and have even done some art work (which is what I went to school for). In my previous job, I was in the Marketing Department, doing event coordination, helping with logo gear design, and working with vendors, doing the shipping, and being in charge of on site event registration. Previous to that, I was in the customer service department there, working as the Supervisor. Working with the distributors, making sure orders were in place, and putting out the best fires I was able to do.

    Previous to that I was working as a teacher. This is what I went back to school for. After I got my degree in exercise science and sport physiology, I also had clusters in theatre and art. I previously got my associates degree in art and illustration. Bare with me, I was all over the place here. I decided to go back to school to get my teacher’s certification in one of the above. So, after I graduated, I landed a job as a teacher, teaching everything from ceramics, to art and design, to theatre one act, to speech, to calligraphy, and photography. What made this great, going forward, is I have been able to use all of that here at The Group Real Estate, as I have gone out to help with photos, as I have done things on Illustrator, as I have given presentations, etc. One of the great things about this, is before I went to the Marketing side of the last company I worked for, I also got to use this on stage, as I had to do some Mceeing here and there.

    As I was going to school,  I was working retail. I worked for Toys R Us and GameStop. I had many different positions at Toys R Us, from working in the front end, to being a supervisor, to a back end supervisor. When I went to GameStop, I was an assistant store manager there for my close friend. This side of the retail was much better than when I was at Toys R Us. Toys R Us had an old school, hit the numbers, feel to it. It caused a lot of depression and anxiety in me and I was glad that it gave me the experience that it gave me, but it made sure that I had enough experience going forward. Especially into GameStop. Now GameStop was much better, though we still had numbers to hit, as it was smaller, there were more times to be friends with people, to get to know customers and still use that fun time to hit numbers. All of these were used to my advantage going forward. As much as I hated the retail world, I love knowing that all it truly did for me was propel me forward to where I am now, and I met some wonderful people in my life at the time.

    Before my marriage, I had a slew of jobs, as I was going to my previous schooling, such as working in New Mexico with a friend as a fight promoter for King of the Cage, as a manager of his card store, and working any small job he would need here or there. I worked as a mattress salesman. I worked on farms moving pipe. I worked as a teller at a bank. I ran oxygen for Lincaire. It is crazy knowing how “all over the place” my work life has been, but I chalk it all up to experience. Do I look back and wish I would have been in one job this entire time. Yes. There is always a part of me that wishes that I would have done that. But, as I look forward in my life and know that I finally am where I need to be, I am able to look back on all of this with great insight to why I am where I am.

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