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    (The) Group Training

    Here at the Group Real Estate, a small time broker doing big things, located in Idaho Falls, we have a different feel than a lot of brokerages here in Southeast Idaho. Idaho Falls real estate is booming along the Snake River Valley here. There are so many brokerages and real estate agents here in the Idaho Falls area. So, what is it that sets us a part from any other brokerage. First off, we have a camaraderie here that is unprecedented and not to be taken lightly. One of these pieces of camaraderie is that our agents have one another’s backs. At points where certain agents are gone, or have emergencies, are in need of being away from their clients, another agent will step up, no matter. One of the reasons for this, is utilizing the platinum rule. Treating others the way that they want to be treated. When you work in an environment where others are always willing to be there for you, are willing to have your back, and are willing to share their experiences with you, this creates a better trust among the agents, leading to a far better outcome for them, and the brokerage.

    A part of this comes from Group training’s that we have. These are training’s that anyone is invited to. We require our agents to come to one and their is a second one we do that isn’t mandatory but usually bridges the gaps to the first one. These training’s are important to your business. As you look to expand your business, you want to be in an environment that will help propel your business. What better place to do that then in group training?

    There is only so much studying that you can do in your own time. There is some good to be made of doing things on your own. We all need to learn how to work, we need to learn how to be independent, we all need to have that personal focus. This is very important. Looking forward, though, one of the best things you can do to help propel your business along is to embark in trying to find group type meetings. When you gather together in a group, with other people who have the exact same mind frame as you, you will find more success this way. Learning from others who have the same mind frame and goals as you will help you along in your business.

    On top of the notion of being in the room with the same like mindedness, you need to have the right subject matter to learn about. When you are immersing your mind into the things that you find passion in, you will ultimately succeed, as well. When you develop a passion for the things that you are learning, you will want to learn more. This is where group training’s are so important. This lets you feed off others’ passions and express your passions to the group setting, as well. The other importance to this, is if you are working towards a certain goal, this is a time to express those goals, to let others know about your goals, so they can help you reach them. When finding the right subject matter, group training’s are the best in teaching, or discussing, the subject matter. There might be something that you aren’t familiar with, or something you want to learn more of, something one or more in the group are specialized in, and this will help you learn more in a group setting.

    If you aren’t having group training’s, I suggest that you start. Not only does it help in learning, it helps with camaraderie that can be lost in a profession where you are running your own business.

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