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    Smile Goes A Long Way!

    A Smile Goes A Long Way by NiCole Hill of The Group Real Estate
    I recently had the opportunity to Ring the Bell for the Salvation Army.
    I have to say it was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had this month. Not only did my friend dress up as Santa, but took on the role as if he was Santa.  The costume, beard and authenticity of his heart.
    It was a cold night with winter approaching in the air. We stood there ringing the bell in hopes people would acknowledge our presence and donate.
    I myself have steered clear of those “bell ringers,” which I have a change of heart now.
    Santa began to say “Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas” and held his belly with a jolly laugh. The look on faces as they entered in sight was of a glow of delight. I will admit I was being selfish because each and every smile made me hungry for more smiles.
    It was such a fulfilling night to be able to raise money for those in need. It was so humbling to watch little ones put in change and dollars.
    It begin to become a game of if we could make everyone smile that crossed our paths. I myself had a perma-grin from just the deed itself, but all the smiles that came along with it. I see others being more patient and giving through the holiday season. I know our community is smaller to others but. We truly have the spirit of the holidays all year.
    I encourage everyone to take an opportunity to donate and volunteer your time to wards something to your own community.

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