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    Selling Our Home

    We lived on Hummingbird Lane in Shelley, Idaho. I was content there. It was a good location, still close to all of our friends who lived just behind us in the neighborhood, close to where the bus picked up our kids, and we made sure that we decided on Shelley, in the first place, as it was just 15 minutes to Idaho Falls. Both Amy and I had jobs in Idaho Falls at the time, which we still do, but it was nice being in between Idaho Falls, but still close to where my parents lived in Firth. We had tried using one realtor, who came by and asked a few questions, but wasn’t proactive about it. Someone told us that Shawn Anderson, and the Anderson Group, over at Keller Williams Idaho Falls was the way to go.

    We had decided that we wanted to build back in the neighborhood behind us. As we decided we were going to put our house up for sale, we went with Liberty Homes, who told us it was going to be 4 months, or so, for the home to be built. We had thought that would be about how long it was going to take to sell our home. We decided to list with Shawn Anderson, going forward with the building. Seven days later, our home had sold. So, we were still homeless for about 4 months.. or so.

    We had our home all ready, picked out and ready to be built. And then at this point, we had nowhere to stay. We were, indeed, homeless. Luckily at this time, knowing we wanted to live close to my parents, just in case something like this happened. We went to my parents, put all of our stuff in storage and were ready to live with mom and dad again. The pains of living with mom and dad at this time in our lives, was we had three kids, full time jobs and far too big of a family to be living with my parents. At this time we lucked out that someone close to our neighborhood moved out, wanted to sell their home, but was willing to let us live there, pay part of the mortgage as a rent, and stay there while they looked for a realtor. We were able to stay there for the months while our home was being built. For them to let us stay there, while they were still going as a for sale by owner was a big help. The only frustrations we had were when potential buyers would come over. We would have to cram things into the garage, we would take things out of the house, into our cars, and take them to my parents.

    Once our home was built, we were ready to move in, we were ready to get out of the foreign home (though much appreciated and we spent Thanksgiving and Christmas in that home), and be in a place where we could finally call it home. It was so nice moving into the house, feeling the wonderful feeling of having a place that was truly ours. We’ve had one Thanksgiving and a Christmas there, we have had many new acquisitions, we have had a job loss, kids receiving injuries, buying new things, adding new pets, and all the wonderful experiences that come with having your own home.

    It was so nice going through the selling process so easily. To go forward with selling our home, getting into the home of our dreams, and progressing our lives along. We were so worried about the selling process taking so long, and thankfully that it ran the way it did. Knowing we went the correct route is how we were able to sell our home so quickly, and still make some money to help go towards our build. So, if you look forward to selling your home, do the smart choice and get yourself a great realtor.

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