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    Sell Your House Fast!

    When listing your home the goal is to get as many eyeballs in and on your house as possible. The problem that some homes face is getting the traction with so many homes on the market. Here’s what we’ve seen gets results. Take note- to sell it at the price that its worth the first thirty days are critical- after that you are more likely to start receiving low ball offers and interest in your home will decline. Also for a quick estimate of your home value you can get that here.

    1. Virtual tour*- and this doesn’t mean a tour of pictures that you zoom in and out of. Millennials, Gen-Xers and out of towners are more likely to do most of their search online- after viewing a virtual tour like this one the potential buyer is much more likely to make an offer after one physical showing.
      • There are benefits to the sellers as well. No longer required to vacate home on a moments notice for a showing, less need for perpetual readiness.
      • Also homes which are showcased with Matterport listings have higher click counts, viewings and Social Media engagements. More eyes means more prospective buyers. And more buyers means higher sales prices, shorter time on market, and more buzz.
    2. Photography- Statistics say that homes sell up to 50% faster and close 39% closer to the original listing price than homes with point and shoot quality.
    3. Market to REALTOR’s®- They have buyers- but they are also busy. You need to figure out how to get your property in front of them.
    4. Home Staging- this isn’t always necessary but it can be helpful in some cases to rearrange and take a fresh look at what you have filling up your house.
    5. Follow up with potential buyers and agents for feedback- maybe there is something you are missing that can easily be fixed.
    6. Price your home correctly! Making a few thousand extra bucks sounds nice but we promise you, pricing it higher then market value will to start with will likely net a lower return then pricing it right from the beginning.

    *Virtual Tours are new to the Idaho Falls market but there are so many benefits that we wouldn’t feel like we were properly marketing your home without it.

    Greg Croft

    Greg Croft

    Realtor, Architect

    Silvercreek Realty Group


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