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    Rich Dad, Poor Dad

    Written By: Brad Camphouse “The Bearded Realtor” of The Group Real Estate

    When I am not busy being a Real Estate agent in Idaho Falls Idaho, I am doing things to advance my education and knowledge to be the best Bearded Realtor I can be. To do this I have started to look into books that are Real Estate and business related. I just finished reading, well listening to Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.  What a great book. Literally a life changing book. If you have not had the chance to read it I highly recommend it. In this blog I don’t want to have it be a complete spoiler but I will share some of the things I took away from it. But first a little back story to get you caught up to where I am.

    When I first got my Real Estate license, it was not to become a Realtor. I had recently built a home and had great equity right off the bat. My current boss told me that he thought it would be a good idea to get my license and sell my house myself. So, this is exactly what I did. The only thing is that right after I got it and people found out, my friends and family started to ask me to sell their homes. Fast forward a few months and I had half a million in sales and never sold my own home yet. Hence the decision to jump in to the Real Estate business full time. Fast forward another 10 months or so and I have grown to over 2 million in sales without having put hardly any systems into place. Therefore, the current system I have is well, nothing. Not only is this not simple it makes it very complex. I am an on-accident Realtor. I have to become an on-purpose Realtor.  My current broker, Zac Martin The Group Real Estate, is very good at helping with this and is the one who has recommend that I put these systems into place. Part of those systems are continuing my education of the Real Estate business.  Insert reading books here. One of the first books was Rich Dad Pool Dad.

    The very first thing I took from this book is the acronym KISS, “Keep It Simple Stupid.” Keeping your own processes and systems simple is key to keep yourself motivated in doing them daily. As a Realtor in Idaho Falls it is very easy to get caught up in the daily grind of showing house’s, writing contracts, following up on leads, going to closings, basically all things Real Estate.

    Second, “mind you own business.” This is not trying to tell someone else to do this. It is to remind me to remain focused on my business. Each moving part of the business is like a clock part. In older clocks like a grandfather clock if you are missing one spring or one gear the whole clock will not work. I have to be a master at minding my own business. Being able to repair my own clock, should be the most important part of my business. I must work on my business before I can work in it. I have been doing this backwards up to today. My foundation has not been set.

    Third, the formula to become financially independent is a very simple one, back to the KISS acronym. The assets that I own or the things that are bring in money must be greater than the liabilities that take money out. Robert Kiyosaki is the clock maker or the master at this. That is the reason he is so successful.

    Last making my money once I have it work for me. Again, I have been doing this backward for my entire life. I have been working for my money. He has another acronym that describes a JOB. “just above broke,” as an employee you will work for your paycheck if you think you are being compensated fairly for the amount of work you are doing. As an employer they will only pay you just over enough the keep you from quitting. I need to view the money I make differently. All my life I have viewed money as an object to obtain another object. My paycheck has always been what affords me to buy the new truck or get the house that I have always wanted. After reading this book, I have changed my outlook on money. Every dollar that I make is now not a way to get an item, it is now an employee. The only job my dollars have is to go recruit other dollars to come work for me. I could continue writing about the logistics of how this works but I am not the master, … YET. In the mean time I suggest you got read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

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