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    Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words!

    We’ve all heard the phrase. A picture is worth a thousand words. One of the reasons for this, it’s one of our better senses, our eye sight. As we see something that is beautiful, that is scary, that is boring, it triggers a response mechanism in our brain that tells us that it is beautiful, scary or boring. Pictures can tell full stories without any words and that is a very powerful statement to think on. You can truly be moved to emotional output, all thanks to seeing a picture. This is why taking pictures in your real estate business is so very important. Without proper pictures of your listings, the senses aren’t able to feel all the emotions needed to help garner, or gain, a sale. At the Group Real Estate, we truly love the idea of “A picture being worth 1,000 words!”

    Now, when we see a picture, or two, that move us emotionally, it isn’t just due to the photo, how it’s taken, etc. There are so many factors that come into play with utilizing photography, especially in Real Estate. There is a specific reason that Wizard of Oz was heralded as what it was, during the time frame that the film made it’s debut back in 1939. The journey we took with Dorothy wasn’t just fun and exceptional because of the journey, no, it was due to the fact that we saw something in Technicolor for the very first time. As we look now, vintage photos are a seemingly powerful device, but when it comes to real estate, we want the color to pop. The sensory parts of the brain that love beauty, love beauty due to brightness, contrasting colors, vibrancy and light.

    Another very important step is www. You need the subject to do one thing right away: catch the eye of the beholder. Now, every single person out there has different tastes. It’s what makes us as human beings so unique and amazing. As we move to the staging process of getting the right photo in a house, or of a house, we need to take all these factors into our minds. So, you may ask, how do we do this? The way pictures are done, taken, and staged are always changing. So, make sure that you are up to the challenge, that you are willing to take your time taking these photos, and that you are good for studying the best, and most up to date, styles of photography for homes. Always have the lights on. The bright light helps us see the photo. When we can see all the intricacies of a room or the home, it will appeal to our minds better. If it’s dark, if it’s boring, it will bring the wrong focus to the mind. Also, make sure that you are at the right angle. With a wide angled lens, which helps you capture more of the room. If you are at the wrong angle, it will look “bowed” or “elongated.”  Not a lot of Realtors take these very simple tactics into accord. Most will also notice once they take these into accordance that they will find better success in their listings. Another good tactic is to learn Adobe products, especially Lightroom. The simple lighting effect is worth it all. Taking one photo from dark to light in the slide of a tab button makes all the difference.

    Simple editing tricks will take what is already a beautiful picture, and turn it into something that seems to be from a Disney movie. Learning these small tactics will do nothing but help your real estate business. As you learn new tricks, make sure that you are staying with the technology, the “how to” videos, and that you make sure to make your work count. Too often do we see that ‘on accident’ realtor using the same old pictures, over and over, or they try to make them look good quickly, instead of taking the extra time to create a beautiful photo. Do yourself a favor, and make your pictures stand out. The senses will appreciate you doing this!


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