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    New York Deli Strip Steak House

    By NiCole Hill opf the
    Living in East Idaho no matter what direction you go you will find an adventure. Just 2 hours South East of Idaho Falls you will find the home of Napoleon Dynamite in Preston, Idaho. I also found out of a Lil Place called New York Deli Strip Steak House.  It is an authentic NY Style deli and Steak House, located in Preston, Idaho that serves Fresh baked breads and smoked, slow cooked meat. They have a wide range of food choices on their menu. Unique sandwiches, cuts of meat, classics, gourmet choices, salads and desserts!
    They have been in business for 3 years in Preston. On Tuesday they have ALL YOU CAN EAT WINGS so  if you love wings plan to go that day! They also have a SPICY wing challenge. They are so hot, just the smell alone might burn your nose hairs. Even if you attempt you will be put on their wall of Hot Wing Challenge. The current record holder is a woman who ate 43 spicy wings. There was a lot of men’s pictures but the ladies came in 1st Place.
    Another fun challenge they have is a Monster Meat. You pick your sandwich with the meat of choice from pulled bbq pork, roast beef, turkey, ham, etc. The choice you make they pile on 3.5 lbs of it. If you become the record holder you get a free sandwich weekly till someone beats you. The current champion holds the record at 12min and 47 seconds for eating 3.5 lbs of meat!!!

    Ciabatta Bread Sandwich Combo Meals

    Combo meals include ribbon fries and pickle spear

    Roasted Chicken


    roasted chicken, lettuce, and tomato on ciabatta bread

    Hell’s Kitchen


    sliced baked ham, egg salad, spicy cream cheese, avocado, and bacon on ciabatta bread

    Signature Sandwich Combo Meals

    All signature sandwiches include ribbon fries and pickle spear. Monster meat – add $4.00

    #1 Manhattan


    pastrami, swiss cheese and hot mustard served on rye or ciabatta bread

    #2 Carnegie Club


    turkey, pastrami, pit beef, avocado, lettuce, tomato, mustard, and mayo

    #3 Baltimore


    pit beef, horseradish, and onion straws

    #4 Memphis


    slow cooked pulled pork, sweet and spicy BBQ sauce with house coleslaw

    #5 New Orleans


    slow cooked pulled pork , sautéed shrimp, with etoufee sauce

    #6 Philly


    pit beef, onions, green peppers, and your choice of swiss, provolone, or Monterey jack cheese

    #7 Austin


    smoked brisket, sweet and spicy BBQ sauce with onion straws

    #8 Santa Fe


    your choice of turkey, pulled pork, or brisket with green chili sauce and Monterey jack cheese

    #9 Seattle


    smoked salmon, avocado, bacon, seasoned cream cheese, lettuce, and tomato

    #10 Grandpa’s Stinky Feet with Toes


    beef brisket, sweet and spicy BBQ sauce, crumbled blue cheese , garlic chips, five spicy hot chicken wings, and ranch dressing

    Light Side Sandwich Combo

    All light sandwiches include ribbon fries or fruit, and pickle spear $7.99 ½ sandwich with an 8 oz soup, pickle spear, and ribbon fries.

    #11 Turkey Bacon Avocado


    provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and mayo

    #12 Club


    turkey, ham, roast beef, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, and French dressing

    #14 Roast Beef


    au jus, Swiss cheese, with horseradish sauce or BBQ sauce

    #15 N.Y. Special


    ham, turkey, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, seasoned cream cheese, and raspberry jalapeño preserves

    #16 Southern Pride


    your choice of pulled pork with apple slaw and spicy BBQ sauce or beef brisket topped with cheese sauce

    Panini San

    Panini Sandwich Combo Meals

    All Panini sandwich combos come with ribbon fries, and pickle spear

    Turkey Cran Melt


    turkey, cranberry compote, granny smith apple slices, and swiss cheese on hearty whole wheat bread

    Turkey Bacon Melt


    turkey, bacon, tomato, and fresh mozzarella cheese on hearty whole wheat bread

    Brisket Melt


    beef brisket, mushrooms, sweet and spicy BBQ sauce, and Monterey jack cheese on sourdough bread



    corn beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and thousand island dressing on rye bread

    This Aint Your Momma’s Grilled Cheese


    two grilled cheese sandwiches with mounds of slow smoked brisket, BBQ sauce, and pepper jack cheese

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