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    My First Bodybuilding Show

    Idaho Falls is starting to move along in the bodybuilding scene. There was a time when bodybuilders were made fun of. Those that competed were perceived as “gross,” and not natural. I will be honest, I was right there with them. I was the super skinny growing up. Even when I got into bodybuilding, there was a notion that I would compete at one point, but always let myself get talked out of it. Here at The Group Real Estate, the support for such a support has been amazing. There needs to be a unique support in bodybuilding. There are so many hours devoted to not just lifting weights, but being mentally prepared, cooking food, eating that food, and not eating anything that would jeopardize how you look or feel. This may seem strange to some, but it was a difficult goal that I knew I needed to embark on. To take yourself to not only being healthy, but the full extreme of being healthy. This would then lend itself to stepping on stage for the first time in my very first bodybuilding competition.

    I always loved bodybuilding. From the time I took the time to read the Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding, to learning about lifting weights, to the many different avenues I took from there. Whether it was Beachbody stuff, to Cross Fit, to just lifting socially. A friend of mine, who is pictured with me in these photos, is a guy who got me into bodybuilding as a full time thing a few years back. We had made a goal to get on stage together within that time frame. He continued on, became very devoted to the sport, where I still was the casual lifter, but loved to go out and eat. I would pack my food here and there, but more often than not, I wanted to social aspect of it all. With the social side of eating in our country, every social event we go to includes some kind of food, or treat. We watch a movie, we have to have treats. We go to a party, there has to be a pot luck. We sit at our desk for 8 hours a day, there has to be some kind of snack at our side. Due to that notion, I was the social side of everything. Especially at my last job. I felt those social lunches would get me away from the hard time I was having at work. When I lost that job, due to some unnecessary reasons, it gave me a greater sense of who I was, who I needed to be, and what I wanted to embark on. So, I decided to go for it. I got healthy. I didn’t cheat, at all. Even with a coach that was more in tune with making sure that my mental health was better than my physical health. She would make sure to let me know that it was okay to have Ninja Turtle nights with my girls, and eat a couple pieces of pizza. Even then, I would watch Ninja Turtles, but I never ate the pizza. When I realized that I had this type of goal in mind, the time came that I needed to go forward with making the goal of doing a show.

    Who says pizza doesn’t make you buff?

    I hired a coach. I got the food. I received a new training plan. And I was off and running. I started in with being the most sore I had been in a long time. I was full. I was sore. I was tired. And I was excited going forward with this goal. Onward. I found myself understanding that the best way for me to succeed in this life, with the bodybuilding show being a part of that, was that I needed a very tough goal to fight towards. When the goals are more difficult, this lets me go forward with a better precision and determination. This was the one thing that was missing from my “bodybuilding career” thus far. Making it difficult. Something that I knew if I stopped, or fell off, it would be a digression backward.

    My first ever show proved to hit many points of attraction to my destiny. Part of the original goal was that my friend and myself had always talked about sharing the stage together. Making that a goal was a big part of my motivation, towards this goal. Also, just stepping on stage in the bodybuilding category, even if I wasn’t the biggest, but knowing that that was the original love. Not classic physique or Men’s physique (where they wear the board shorts), but to do straight up bodybuilding. Learning the poses. Doing a routine to music. The whole thing. As I met with my friend to go over posing routines, he originally was thinking in his mind that I would probably have to do Men’s physique. He had me pose, looked at my style, my muscles, etc and he told me, “I was originally going to talk you out of bodybuilding, but now that I see you, I want you to run with your goal, and dream.” So, thus ensued my first prep. I have blogged about prep before on here, so make sure and go check those out.

    When the show date came, it still felt so surreal and as though it was very dreamlike. I will be honest, that all the way up to the point that I was driving home from the show, it felt surreal. And some of it still hasn’t completely sunk in. We had our main athlete there, an IFBB pro, who was coaching us through all sorts of things that I never thought was going to happen when I was at these shows. The night before the show, he had us eat two bacon burgers, wrapped in lettuce, with a Coke (not a diet Coke), and some sweet potato fries. With all the barbecue sauce we could imagine. After this, we went back to the hotel and posed for two hours. Going over the routines, the main poses, and everything else we needed. A few hours later, he had us do this again. The night of the show came, and back stage, it was the same. We were eating so, so much in the way of peanut butter cups, rice crispy treats and rice cakes. More than I had eaten the previous 16 weeks combined. Then the moment came to step on stage, with my friend right in front of me. We were fulfilling our dream together. That night was capped off by doing a routine where I received accolade for being a top performer, my friend winning our class (and fulfilling his dream), and me taking 3rd in my very first show. Which, also, I might add, gets me Nationally Qualified.


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