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    My Dog Bronx

    Bronx Nathaniel is my world. My dog is my weak spot.
    By NiCole Hill of The Group Real Estate
    My fellow dog lover’s. I will be honest i used to make fun of my sister and her relationship with her dog. I never knew what it was like to love an animal like family. She would take her dog in the car with her and everywhere she went I never really understood that. I like dogs but I never had a bond with one like that and I thought it was absolutely silly. I have had two dogs my life not very fond of cats, sorry cat lovers. It wasn’t till about 3 1/2 years ago till I understood the meaning of being a dog Lover it was April 2014 when we met. We had just got done running A color run and ventured down to go look at some puppies we will still covered in many colors as we went to go look at all the puppies. The golden retriever mom and dad were there along with their puppies. The puppies were playful and running around in the backyard. We picked up all the puppies and played with them leaving a small trace of our washable color powder on them. We had many to choose from lighter brown darker brown. There was this one he was heavier than all the others and hung around it’s mom a little bit more. He had a red collar on and I knew that one was the one. They were too young to take from their mom but we chose him and her to come back in a 3 weeks and get him. It was so hard to leave and not be able to take him home.
    The days seem to drag on but the owner kept in touch with us. In the meantime we were prepping our house and getting the items that we needed to get. Also we called around to find a local veterinarian.
    Finally April 24 hit and we were able to pick up our puppy. He was so happy we put him in the car and off we went. We stopped by a nearby river with some grass so he could get out and run around.
    Bronx Nathaniel is what we would call him. He is named after New York City a place I Love.
    We gave him a bath and wrapped him up in a blanket. I rocked him to sleep. He slept in my arms all night. It was so fun to have a new addition to our family and I am sure as you read this you are thinking of your dog.
    Bronx went everywhere we went. He rode on the 4 wheeler and look forward to helping us change Water. We flood irrigate on our 17 Acres. When the roar of the 4 wheeler engine started he came a running. Bronx climbs up on the seat and is ready.
     The girls would dress him up in Build A Bear Workshop clothing. Everything from a coconut bra to a Tutu. He went along with it and it just became the norm. We taught him to ride a long board. We held him a lot like a baby.
    In our family we had a challenge arise and my dog filled the void and sounds funny but he was there for me and helped me get through a tough time in our life. We bonded and he has been at my side. When only tears flow if you would be there to comfort in silence. He followed me wherever I went. One night I had passed out and hit the floor and he was there laying by my side nudging me.
    He is my partner when I hit the Lake to paddle board.
    Bronx wants to be in our presence at all times.
    We have found a local groomer aka “spa” he goes to once a month. He has shoes and pajamas and everything in between. He wears his “doggles” to ride on the razor and 4 wheeler we need to protect his eyes. . I know I know I may have got out of hand some say, but he is family. He is such a sweetheart and I know you can relate. If you own a dog I believe you know what I’m
    Talking about.
     You do need to treat em like family. Choosing to have a four-legged fur baby is a big decision. They aren’t toys or trophies. They don’t deserve to be just tied up and left in a kennel Or backyard.
     Bronx thinks as himself as a guard dog for our family, but we all know that he is a tender heart. He has been such a good addition to our family these past 3 years. If we do leave the house we leave the TV on so he has some company. When we come home without a doubt he is there greeting us. There are so many positives to having a dog especially when something spills in the kitchen.
    Bottom line is my dog is awesome and he is my life saver in so many ways. He is my sidekick when I go to show Homes. He waits for me and watches out the window. He always is alert and makes sure I am
    Okay. He’s very smart and very sensitive to our feelings.
     Will you help him a lot and we have given them a lot of love he always wants to be near or touched. I cannot think of our life without him. I strongly suggest getting a dog if you don’t already. I would suggest you research the breed you are interested in. Choose one that you feel will fit your family well and your lifestyle. Also do your research on aggressive and passive dogs . All dogs have their own personality just like children do just need to be patient and give them love and guidance and they will be loyal to you for life. Bronx Nathaniel actually chose me I feel. I believe I need him more than he needs me. My dog is a Golden Retriever.

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