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    Mental Jewels

    Things I am and everyone I believe need to work on is becoming a mentally stronger person, with everything moving at such a fast pace we feel a bit too much or overwhelmed these days. I know for a fact we all would like to be a mentally stronger , but mental resilience can be extremely hard to achieve when life is taking control over you. We always seem to turn on our power through mode when the times get a little tougher. Also training and setting our mind to do so helps. Telling ourselves we are mentally strong, we must prevent ourselves from getting carried away by emotions to the point where we can no longer even see or think logically.
    We need to deal with difficult challenges one step at a time without allowing ourselves to get overwhelmed, and also finding a balance to positive and negative thoughts that don’t have us getting carried away with one side or the other. Start telling ourselves how we live as a mentally strong person.
    Mentally strong people we tend to keep our eye on the goal, and try to not let our need for instant win or success or the approval of others to get in the way of what we really want. We find our motivation and fill our minds consistently, we like to challenge ourselves to keep learning all the time. We get mentally stronger and wiser the more knowledge we accrue. We can’t allow ourselves to get stuck in a rut, either mental or physical. We stay curious, aware, and informed about our surroundings. We read books, watch inspiring movies, go to concerts, Surf , watch llamas, and take in art in some form. We embrace our own art with writing, dancing, playing music, or anything that stimulates our creative side. Learning new cooking skills in the kitchen, or we do DIY projects around the home, plant a garden, learn how to play a instrument or how to fish, or surf, train to run a 5K with others that strive for new skills. We talk to people and listen. We allow ourselves to have those deep conversations that go beyond small talk. We Go in with a mindset of wanting to learn people’s histories and share your own. Find what connects us or learn something from what we have shared. Finding the good in every situation.
    By balancing our positive and negative thinking we find and want positive thinking because when we believe good things will happen, we tend to work and make those things happen, and we also notice good things around us happening to others and celebrate.
    Negative thinking can also be important, because it allows us to play the what if games and what could go wrong, and plan how to deal with what comes to us.
    We need to be kinder and compassionate especially kinder to ourselves and others, we can reduce the many negative emotions in our life by reducing negative outcomes and it opens up a space for positive solutions.
    We learn to take things one step at a time. One Step two step three Step ….
    We have all embarked in mental toughness we refers to it as we have gone through some tough times, and tough times can be overwhelming and we can lose ourselves and get caught up in those vulnerable moments. How do we or will we ever make it through we think? We take it one step at a time. Take a deep breath and do everything as one step at a time to avoid worrying and being overwhelmed in a follow the book 10 step process.
    We always remember on keeping our eyes on the final goal, we break down this goal into smaller achievable steps so that they don’t feel overwhelmed and quit.
    We take the responsibility for things we can’t control or are outside the norm and we accept what it is.
    There should be no surprise that we take responsibility for our lives, but we sure make sure we don’t take responsibility for everything or we would drive ourselves completely crazy. We do accept a lot of things outside of our control. Such as how the weather is, the real estate market or especially other people. If we even tried to take responsibility for those we would just be lost.
    We as mentally strong people we stop taking everything so personally or find a way to be offended.
    Pretty much everything that happens in life is completely impersonal yet the need to reference ourselves in almost every situation seems to have been a learned habit. If we step back and see that much of what goes on has nothing to do with us we can free oirselves from this battle of self doubt and then which leads to suffering.
    We don’t need to be liked we want to be liked. We all want to be liked. We all want a certain level of approval. Things and problems get out of hand when we start to feel we need it or we can’t even function or keep moving forward. It becomes to be a barrier or mental block. At times we think we want everything everyone else on this planet wants in all actual all we don’t need it.
    Being mentally strong also includes asking for help when we need it. Being strong doesn’t mean that we won’t need help. It means when we do, we acknowledge it and plain and simple just ask for help. Falling into and succumbing to self pity will only lead you to surround ourselves with others who have consistent self pity. It eventually takes away all our mental energy and keeps us emotionally drained. It also adds to any other current issues or challenges that has happened to us in the past or current.
    If we look to the past as valuable training and no more. we wouldn’t find ourselves spending a lot of time dwelling on our the past. Instead we write down what we learned and any objectives, and how to avoid reacting again that way in the near future. This usually works so much better for us than than wallowing in it. We also balance emotions with logic. Often we don’t understand how our emotions can influence our thinking. In an effort to make the best decisions possible we balance our emotions with logic or at the time we like to think it is logic. Overall when we learn about our emotional regulation and managing our emotions is another important part of becoming emotionally and mentally strong. We may not be able to control what life throws at us always but we always have a choice about how we can react to every situation that does arise. We all can learn and improve on managing and balancing our emotions. We also need to give ourselves credit and acknowledge our strengths. In addition to identifying Any room for growth. We do need to take time to celebrate our strengths. Write down and read out loud a list of your strengths and be proud for these positive characteristics. Tooting our own horn every now and then helps us to stay focused on our positive achievements and also realize we our strengthening our mental and emotional side.

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