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    McKenzie River Pizza!

    If you love pizza and you live apizzand Live in the Idaho Falls area, you must try McKenzie River pizza. I moved here from Portland in 2003 and I’ve had a hard time finding any place in the area that has decent pizza, the kind of pizza that you think about after you leave. Lucy has been a good choice for me but I think McKenzie River pizza tops it by far.

    My favorite pizza is the humble pie. Actually it’s the only pizza I’ve had here
    . That’s because it was so dang good the first time that that’s exactly what I wanted again. What makes it sensational is the combination of the crust the ricotta the garlic and the other cheeses. The first time we ordered it, I didn’t realize there was ricotta on the pizza until I bit into a bite of crust and was surprised by it. Oh. My. Perfection. It’s so dang good. The interplay of crunchy/chewy crust and sweet/salty creamy ricotta is otherworldly. 

    This time we ordered it, we added sliced zucchini and sun dried tomatoes. Just kicked it up a notch further. Please, please try this pizza. Add whatever you love, if you must, but don’t miss out on the awesome foundation that this Humble Pie provides. $15.75 for a large. Extra toppings ring in at $1.75 a piece. 

    I customized my piece so it was done right, AKA extra spicy with added red pepper flakes and black pepper. My mouth is nicely warm, haha, but my better half enjoyed his unadorned as well. 

    I was tempted to sample the desserts as well, but that’s not in the cards tonight. Word to the wise: don’t eat a bunch of Ritz crackers on your way out the door or you won’t be able to try the dessert too, boo! 

    Mackenzie River Pizza is located in the Snake River Landing at 1490 Milligan Rd in Idaho Falls. Open until 11 on the weekends. 



    Carissa Sanders


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