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    Dogs are a Realtor’s Best Friend

    Some people will say they don’t understand how someone can care so much about a dog, especially a Labrador. They say Labs shed too much, or take too long to mature, or whatever. I guess you have to be a dog owner to understand. Jack has always been my best friend. I can’t forget the day I found him in a friend’s store that took in dogs. Jack was in a pen with his brothers and sisters and I had always wanted a Labrador. Something compelled me to pick him up. He put his head on my shoulder and immediately started dozing off. I put him back in the pen with his brother and continued walking around looking at the other dogs but for some reason, he wouldn’t take his eyes off me. He watched me as I walked around despite all the other people and dogs that were present and I knew he was the one. He picked me. We have moved across the country together, been homeless together, and have been through more than that. He’s the first one to say hi to me when I come home at the end of the day. He is there when I have a nightmare, when I had to chase criminals in my armed security days, when I get my heart broken, or when I put him in my truck and we head to the river to swim, his favorite thing to do. He is man’s best friend. 

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