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    Justice League Movie Review

    Here in Idaho Falls, the Group Real Estate, a small time brokerage doing big things, we love comic book movies, and we love superheroes. A lot of us talk about the movies we’ve seen, which ones we’ve loved, which ones we’ve hated, etc. As part of this, I have done a best of Marvel blog on here and reviewed a few different comic book movies. One of the more recent movies, Thor Ragnarok was a brilliant run of master class comedy, score, film making and a ton of fun. The other of these, Justice League… wasn’t quite there.

    I saw Justice League this last weekend. Now, I am going to say this right off with the DCEU movies (DC Extended Universe for the movies – as they have gone against, or are in rivalry with, the MCU), that I actually really like Man of Steel. The nerd in me loves that movie, loves the feel of it, and I really like the take that Henry Cavill takes on Superman, who is the alien of the movie. I hated Batman v Superman, for the most part, but really liked Ben Affleck as Batman. Quite a lot actually. You have read me talk about how he is the embodiment of what we as fans wanted from the comic pages to screen. But the movie, as a whole, is terrible. When I watch it now, I fast forward about two hours of its three hour run time. Then there is Wonder Woman. A masterpiece in film making, for what it did to empower woman hood, to really take a sexy character, and while she is attractive, it never once hinted on that. The power they brought to the screen and the performances are top notch. Easily the best of all the DCEU movies.
    This brings us to Justice League. Already a mess, as Zach Snyder left, due to an awful tragedy in his family, and he entrusted the reigns to Joss Whedon. The man who gave us the masterpiece of The Avengers, but also gave us Age of Ultron.. so take that as you will. When it came to this, the tone was lightened, Joss cut out 50 minutes of footage that was going to be in the film, re shot a bunch of scenes, and made a whole different version. This is VERY apparent in the film, sadly. Now, on a whole, I didn’t mind League, and actually liked a lot of it.
    First off.. the bad. Batman. Oh my goodness the writers truly messed this up. Most, and all, fans loved the take of Batfleck in BvS, but due to its bleak, sad and tough go, when the lighter tone was brought in, especially to Batman, it truly ruined him. He went from being so amazing in BvS, to being the second worst part of League, The first being Cyborg.
    Already a second tier character, Cyborg isn’t good here. He is dumb looking, the background story is stupid, and he isn’t good in the role. I will leave it at that. He is the worst part.
     The bad guy, Steppenwolf, was terribly done. Zero realization and zero back story. This made it difficult to have any merit or motive. All of a sudden the League were fighting him, Flash was nervous and Batman gave him a pep talk. No lead in. Made no sense.
    As I think on this, it felt as though I was watching an episode of Justice League the Animated Series by the last 3/4 of the movie. Like I should have already known all these characters and the motives of the villain beforehand.
    Now, to the good.. Superman was unbelievably awesome. The return was great and a super geek moment. Also, the portrayal of Superman was the best we have ever seen. A little more hope, better smiles, and the all around Boy Scout feel were here the entire time. A final beacon of hope.
    The Flash was great. I loved watching his great humor, fun times, and overall feel was great. The way he ran and entered the speed force, leaving sparks in his wake, was a really cool effect.
    Wonder Woman, again played gracefully and powerfully by Gal Gadot, was great and a lot of fun. She kept her same wonderful presence that she had in Wonder Woman and BvS. I could watch Gal as Wonder Woman forever.
    Aquaman was my biggest surprise. I have always like Jason Mamoa. I liked him a lot in Game of Thrones and loved him in the, not seen enough by others, Red Road. But here as Aquaman, he brings a great bravada that I loved watching and his powerful presence of being the snarky, punk was perfect. And a perfect pick for the route they are taking the character in his stand alone.
    All in all, there is a part of me that wants to see it again. And as I have talked with friends, there is a lot more bad that I bring out than good, but I tend to tell myself that I had some fun with it and want to see it again. Which is a weird conundrum in and of itself. So if you love fun movies, won’t be too worried about clunky writing, a silly villain, a terrible portrayal of Batman, and have fun with some great lines and good times at the theaters, you will enjoy this movie.

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