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    Is Assassins Creed Origins worth it?

    As  young boy growing up in Firth Idaho, just south of Idaho Falls, Idaho, I wasn’t raised on video games, or the ability to truly play video games. They weren’t allowed in our home, basically. This is something that I have studied at full the past few months. One of the moguls that I love to listen to here at The Group Real Estate, a small town Real Estate company in Idaho Falls, doing big things for Idaho Falls Real Estate, is Gary Vee. He talks specifically on this notion of suppressing, and why parents suppressed, video games from their children. He truly believes if a lot of us would have been allowed to keep up with the video game lifestyle, going into the life and work, we would be doing big things with making video games, doing art for video games, writing stories, creating code, etc etc etc. But alas, here I am just a person who loves to play them. Who now has the opportunity to enjoy them, show some to my kids, hopefully rear them in the enjoyment of them, as well. One of the games that truly stands out to me, in the video game world, is the Assassins Creed franchise. Initially released in 2007, we have now had 9 Assassins Creed games. This is a fun story, built on the idea of a character, Desmond, going back into his ancestors lives, living certain events of their lives, and going on missions to discover things, items, stories, etc, that will help them in the real world today.

    Assassins Creed has had some great games, some okay games, some terrible games, and some that I just played so I could get the story line. Those ones were a terrible trudge along. That’s for sure. There is something to be said about a video game series that truly keeps to it’s form, is great with timing, has had some successes, some bumps in the road, and some great games. So, naturally, as I decided to keep going with this game franchise, I made sure to keep up with it, keep playing them, as I could. The newest in the series, Assassins Creed Origins, seemed to be a great place to come back to it all. Set in Ancient Egypt, and telling us exactly what it is in the name of the game. The Origins of the Creed. Now, I don’t know too much about the story line, as I have only played for a few hours thus far, and not a lot has been revealed, just some minor character moment. But I can talk, specifically about the look, the feel and the game play.
    These are very important facets of any Assassins Creed game. One of the things that a lot of us Assassins Creed fans look forward to are the controls of how to play the game. We love the sneaking elements, the cool scenery and look of the maps, and the action pieces. This one is amazing in all of them but one of those. The scenery in this game is absolutely gorgeous. Especially during game play, but not so much during cut scenes. As you are in the world, more so, playing the game and not having cut scenes this is far more important and works beautifully. The sneaking is great, once you get the hang of it, and the side quest management is a lot of fun. What stinks, very badly in this game, is the combat. Controls have been changed from previous games, the style of combat has changed, and how you level up, or obtain new weapons has changed. What is a bummer about this, is if you find yourself in a tough fight scene, or sequence, this is going to be a very tough time for you.
    All in all, I will say that it may have been worth the wait. As I am only a few hours in, I can’t speak too much towards it, though. I am loving the story line thus far, and am hoping for some greater upgrades for the action. I also can’t wait to see when my character becomes an assassin and we get more to the story.

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