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    How to scalp the best sports tickets the old school way

    Written by:

    Victor Sutherland. Realtor for The Group Real Estate.

    Yes, I know for the local Chukars games this blog may not seem relevant, but the next time you want to go to a major sporting event try having some fun scalping tickets to the game. Here at The Group Real Estate, in Idaho Falls, we love our sports, love watching them, and love going to as many as we can. This strategy isn’t for the faint of heart since there is a chance you may not find any tickets or have to pay ridiculous amounts of money so for those playoff games or epic games everyone wants to go to I don’t recommend trying to buy tickets right before the game.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention there are a lot of options such as Stubhub, Ticketmaster, and craigslist which are other viable options, however the fees with the 1st 2 and the unreliable nature of craigslist makes me lean towards using the old school methods.

    Each stadium is a little different about how hard they make it for scalpers to sell tickets nearby but most of them will have opportunities within 4 or 5 blocks from the stadium.  The ticket sellers (I’m not sure what to call them as scalpers just sounds bad for some reason) aren’t normally selling tickets until about 2 hours before the game, so if you’re wanting to watch your baseball team take batting practice there is a pretty tight window for getting your tickets and getting in for batting practice so you may not get as good of a deal.

    Just like buying or selling a house, getting a good scalped ticket largely depends on supply and demand as well as your negotiation skills and timing.  I’ve helped some clients get amazing deals on houses, and I’ve gotten some amazing front row seats to sporting events for much less than face val ue, but other times the house or ticket we are looking for is in such high demand we compete with too many people to get that amazing deal.  Some people are proud to say they’ve never paid full price for anything, but as you weigh the pros and cons of missing out on your dream house or that epic playoff game that your team may never play in again in your lifetime sometimes it is worth it to go above the asking price.  The key is being happy with your decision.

    Everyone thinks our housing market right now is just a sellers’ market, but just like any sporting event, it all depends.  For markets over $300,000 the houses are not moving as quickly and there is more supply compared to demand.  For updated, clean houses in the $100,000 to $150,000 houses you are much more likely to be in a bidding war depending on the neighborhood and layout of the home.   For this type of information in the housing market, it’s best to seek advice from a professional Realtor.  For scalping your tickets it’s best to keep an eye on Stubhub, Ticketmaster, and craigslist to determine how much supply there is which increases your bargaining power with the scalpers.

    Many people think you have to hold your cards too close to your chest so you don’t pay too much.  I agree with this as far as hiding how excited or desperate you are for those tickets or that house, but if you don’t let the scalper or home seller know how they can help you the negotiation might never happen instead of finding that win win.  A Scalper will have a hard time selling single tickets so if you are in a small group, simply buy those at a discount and most people at the game are easy going and will allow you to sit with your friends.  If your priority is selling your house for a certain dollar amount instead of taking home more money in the end, make sure you let your agent know that so they can negotiate for you to get what you want.  Some deals die when they could have worked out if all parties let it be known whether they prefer things on a house fixed, a credit at closing, or a reduction in sales price.

    We sometimes see scalpers as competitors fighting each other to sell us their tickets, but many times I’ve had scalpers talk to each other to find a way to combine tickets  or have them buy and sell with each other to help my group of friends get the tickets we wanted.  In that same way Realtors that work well with other Realtors are more likely to get you the best deal possible.

    Last but not least, enjoy those scalped tickets and try not to gloat when the guy next to you paid more for his ticket even though he is a Denver Broncos season ticket holder and you just dropped into town before the game!

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