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    How Do You Work?

    Here at The Group Real Estate, we love to work hard, but we also love to have fun. As we go forward in our real estate businesses here in Idaho Falls, the real estate market is booming, thus causing a lot of excitement in our small brokerage here. One of things we love to do here at The Group Real Estate is have fun being in each others company, making sure to enjoy ourselves with fun “treats” if we have hit our goals, and doing whatever we can to make those who work here feel extra special. A main reason to come to the Group is to know, and understand, the style of training and culture that we embark on here at the Group. The training is built on creating a database and how you reach out to the members in your database to create business for yourself. This helps build long lasting memories, long lasting clients, and long lasting friendships. When you are here to create friendships and wanting to create a relationship built on trust, this takes away all the other sides of what some people, if not most, believe realtors to be. As you learn to build relationships built on trust, this will help your business grow, it will help you love the business more, and you will create a better work place environment for yourself. As part of the culture here, you will find that there is a trusting culture among all the agents, the staff and the broker. The laid back mentality may seem strange to others, as it isn’t cut throat, but due to this, friendships are stronger, trust is better created, and the environment is much better. It helps in the notion of someone working harder to succeed, as they see their peers succeed. This brings me to the idea I have been contemplating: how do you work?

    As we look at the many ways that we were taught to work growing up, this will lend itself to how you work in your profession. I have talked about being an “on accident” realtor as opposed to a professional proactive trusted adviser. Think about that phrase. We get so caught up in the idea that our job title is a Realtor. Which is true. But when we truly immerse ourselves into the notion of being there for the client and wanting the best for them and the outcome of the transaction, we need to be a proactive adviser. The word proactive being the keyword here. At times being a realtor can be frustrating. You may go a few days, a few weeks, a few months, without having a transaction, at all. All the while you have been helping people, showing houses, getting offers, making cold calls, the whole shebang. As this starts to wear on you, this where the type of worker you are, will come to fruition. It can be very difficult and frustrating for this to happen. When it happens, the fortitude that you have will really shine forth. Are you the type that will just throw in the towel, as it’s not all glamour? Or are you the type who will find new avenues, who will work harder, who will show up to meetings, who will make the right choice in becoming a proactive adviser?

    This is where the type of work I am talking about comes into play. The Realtors that are the most successful realtors are the realtors who “show up.” This doesn’t always mean showing up for an 8 hour shift each day, but for some it does. It truly means being ready to hit the road, hit the job, however you need to make sure that you are successful. We have some realtors here at the Group Real Estate who are coming in and doing a 6 to 8 hour work day, day in and day out. Making calls, asking questions, relying on other, seasoned, realtors. We have some who maybe show their faces 6 hours a week, but are on social media constantly, are doing their daily needs, things, calls, pop-bys, whatever it may be, each and every day, and they are showing it through productivity and their social media. However it is that you work, know that success isn’t always the next day. Sometimes it takes a few years, a few months, and yes, a few days. But don’t get discouraged. Don’t let the hard times fool you. They are only temporary. Hard work always beats out talent!

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