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    Hillcrest High School

    Working here in Idaho Falls at The Group Real Estate, there are a lot of great schools here in Idaho Falls that we take into consideration as we are helping people buy homes. Idaho Falls is known for a few different High Schools. Idaho Falls High School. Bonneville High School. Skyline High School. Hillcrest High School. There are some fun rivalries that go here. Idaho Falls and Skyline are known for their big rivalry, especially on the football field, as they share a field. So, each and every year the Emotion Bowl comes to town. It’s been going for 52 years now and will continue on. Whichever team wins, the goal posts are painted that specific color. And the colors are stark. A bright teal, or a bright orange. As you drive by the field, you see who won the Emotion Bowl that particular year.

    The other side of Idaho Falls gives us a rivalry between Bonneville and Hillcrest. Bonneville was first, as Hillcrest was opened, as a four year public school, in 1992. The school mascot is the Knight and the colors are red, black and white. Hillcrest is located out in Ammon. As you take Sunnyside north towards the mountain, you will pass through Hitt Road, leading you directly to the school. In the late 1980s and early 90s, crowding in Bonneville High School was at an all time high and the rising population at the southern end of Bonneville school district proved need for another school.

    One of the more recent community parts to take note that Hillcrest accomplished was the Student Council assisted in over 60 families during last Christmas holiday season through the Adopt-a-Family program. This service project helps kids from various locations across the Idaho Falls community.

    If you are looking towards Hillcrest activities, sporting events, or need some general information about the school, they have such a simple website: You’ll find everything you are looking for here, from the homepage, to athletics, counseling centers, alumni, needs for parents, the Principal’s newsletter, teacher websites, profiles and even your kids’ report cards. This gives you all good things they have accomplished over the past few years, the calendar and their newly acquired Twitter feed.

    The best way to go and look up scores and schedules, though, is through the maxpreps website. This is the best spot to, not only go and look up the scores, to see their ranking and how they are doing, but you can also go and get tee shirts there. This site gives you the win percentage, the streaks, whether its a win or a loss, and their upcoming games. This is the best place to go and support your local high school teams. Not only does this give you the football highlights and scores, but you will also find baseball, basketball, girls basketball, softball, cross country, track and field, and volleyball.

    The school is also a great place for hosting dance competitions for Elite Studios dance in Shelley High School. The auditorium is so nice there, including a lower and upper bowl for better seating that it rivals Idaho Falls High School in having a great location for dance recitals and dance competitions. In Aug 2007, there was a new Auditorium built, called the Performing Arts Center at Hillcrest, that seats 883 people. They hold numerous stage plays there, dance recitals, off year plays and fun things, such as the second chance Prom.

    Hillcrest is in a great part of Idaho Falls and Ammon. So many of the newer houses that are built up on the mountain and are built just south, along Hitt Rd, now have a wonderful school to go, so they aren’t traveling 20 minutes to go to Bonneville High School. And just like Skyline and Idaho Falls, this has proven to be a great rivalry that is needed in small town high schools, when it comes to sporting events and recitals. So, one of these nights, come check out a Hillcrest football game, or come to the Performing Arts Center and check out one of their wonderful musicals.




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