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    Growing Up In Firth!

    As I look back on my roots, I grew up all over for the first few years of my life. Before getting here to Idaho Falls, and working for the Group Real Estate, a small town Southeast Idaho real estate company doing big things, I was all over the place, as dad moved around for school and work. I was born in Logan Utah, close to here, as my mom and dad are from Rigby, Idaho both of them, high school sweethearts. Dad decided to go to Utah State, followed by the University of Iowa for Law School. After graduating there, we ended up in Palmyra, New York, when dad took a job with a law firm there. The plan, for them, was to always come back this way, to be closer to home. After dad found the job he wanted, as a start to his ultimate goal of having his own firm here in Southeast Idaho, we landed in Chubbuck, Idaho. Dad worked for a Legal Aid there, he then made his way to Firth, Idaho. He worked in Idaho Falls for awhile, then opened his own firm there in Firth, specializing in elder law. This is where I would live from about seventh grade until I left home to go on a mission and get married. Mom and dad still live there.

    I have so many great memories growing up in Firth. The friends that I made, the high school sports I was a part of, the crazy times I had being from a tiny town, and the great childhood I had there. As I look back, some of the best parts of living in a small town like Firth, is that you are so close to the mountains, it’s easy to go out and get lost in the mountains, which we used to do for bonfires, going out and shooting ground squirrels, playing outside basketball, sledding and all other outside activities we would do.
    One of my favorite memories was hanging the basketball hoop up. We found a rim, but dad needed to create a makeshift backboard out of plywood for it. So he did just that. I spent hours and hours on that hoop. We had one concrete slab, so just to the side of it all, there was only rocks and dirt. This would make it especially difficult to dribble and do the moves that I loved doing. When I would do this, getting used to the bumps and ebbs, it truly helped me in my every day dribbling skills. I would do some drills on my own, hitting layups and three pointers before cars would drive by, teaching my speed mixed with the fundamentals I needed. There is a lot to my basketball career that I truly put in the way of me doing so much playing outside on that makeshift basketball hoop.
    I had friends who were on the cross country team, to which that led me, through peer pressure, to join up, thinking it would be a great way to stay in shape for basketball. Then I would do track and field to do the same. After my sophomore year in high school, I noticed that I was better at this then I was at basketball, even though basketball was my main love. I ended up winning the state titles my senior year in cross country and the mile in track. I then would use this talent to go on to school for my first year, gaining a scholarship to run for that school.
    One of the things I loved about Firth was the small town feel. I loved that I knew everyone. I loved how safe I felt and I loved that I was able to go to friends houses and it felt as though I was at my own home. I would call my friends moms “mom”, as they would do the same to my mom. This was one of my favorite memories. It was such a small town and had such a great small town feel that I was able to garner a lot of friendships and learn the true meaning of friendship.

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