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    Getting Pulled Down the Proverbial Rabbit Hole on Facebook?

    We have all been there. We are at work at The Group Real Estate, doing the marketing need from your broker on Facebook.. for the 5th time that morning, since waking up. Facebook has become the phenomena that has wasted away so many minutes, hours and days of our lives. Are there good things to be had with having a Facebook page? Of course there are. It’s a great place to start businesses, it’s a great place to keep in touch with people, and it’s a great place to see new and exciting things. The one thing that truly makes Facebook bad, is just how much content is on there! Your web browser, mixed with the things you like on Facebook, are smart. They know exactly what it is you like, due to the things you ‘like’ and the other hundreds of things you search for, or read about, on the internet.

    So, naturally, Facebook wants you to be derailed. As you go about looking through your feed, you will notice to the right, there are advertisements for all types of things. A lot of these, if not all, are based on things you have recently purchased online, articles you have read, or websites you have visited. So, naturally it is easy to lose track of your time, as you have only made it a quarter the way down your news feed before you look to the right and click on that bait.

    This is something that deters me every single day. We do so many different things online, on a day to day basis. Each day I look at different supplements I may need, or want, I look at the new comic book news, I watch and read movie reviews, I love watching YouTube videos of my favorite celebrities and fitness models, I love looking at articles about new diets and plans, and I love looking at the local news.

    Now… due to this, there are a random array of things that show up next to my news feed on Facebook. As I scroll down, on my day to day, I am distracted as I see an article titled “The 52 Reasons You Never Knew You Loved Terminator 2.” Well, darn, now I need to know those 52 reasons! I mean, I already love Terminator 2, but I need to know which of the 52 I do know and which of the 52 I don’t know. Now, the problem here, is that after I have looked at the 52 Reasons why I love Terminator 2, I notice that there is something telling me which superheroes don’t fully use the super powers that they actually have to use. So, after I have gone through a list that tells me that Superman has telekinesis (a power I, in fact, already knew), that Wolverine can smell well enough like a wild animal, or see in the dark (Yup! Knew that, too!), and that the Hulk actually gets bigger, the angrier he gets (Well… knew that, as well!). I now look over and it tells me that Run Everything Labs is having a special, if you order their new Vegan Pro protein, you can receive a bottle of STW for free! As I go over to their site, I notice their blog.. Well, I have to read that, as well! This is the part where I remember I was supposed to be on Facebook. So, I decide to go back to Facebook. And what do I have scrolling down the side of my new feed? Everything coming to Netflix next Month! I need to know that..

    As you can see, there is a problem with Facebook. But, know that there are good things on Facebook. Just know that part of the battle of utilizing Facebook each and every day, is you may have the opportunity (if that’s what you want to call it) to be yanked down that incredible nerd, fitness, Netflix binge worthy, Rabbit Hole!

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