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    Focus by NiCole Hill of The Group Real Estate
    What drives you? Are you in competition with someone always or are you in competition with yourself.What makes you challenge yourself. Do you have the drive and self-motivation to endeavor out and expand your horizon. Is everything always about yourself. Do you have alternative motives when going into help someone. I will admit that I myself look for other ways to help people than just buying homes are selling them. When I do set my mind set on being able to help people in anyway they may need it at that moment that is what I want to accomplish.
    Being in sales and marketing with a lot of great people throughout my whole life I’ve always been asked the question of who do you feel like you’re in competition with. I kind I always chuckle and say actually the only person that I see the Defeating me is myself. I like to challenge myself and accomplish goals that I set out. For me that is the driving force is to improve myself daily and consistently over time that I can see the growth in myself. The growth and myself also includes growing of patients for others kindness and being able to put myself in their shoes. In any situation I feel like I’ve been placed in whether negative or positive I make sure my mindset is open to other perspectives. Going in to every situation with your mindset doesn’t mean you can’t change it throughout the course. I look at my past interactions or past choices and I think off my failures so I can improve today. I believe that being in challenge with myself I am hard on myself when not being able to accomplish what I set out to do. A big part of anything I believe it’s your mindset. If you have read any of my other blogs you’ll agree that mindset is a big thing I always talk about. I know other people have other determining factors on their outlook. I know what works for me the best is always setting my mindset. I know that before setting goals or solving issues or being creative or starting any new challenge I know I need to be prepared. Especially aligning my mind my heart and my soul. Finding that right mindset is a game changer. If you go into something with the wrong mindset of what am I going to get out of this I think that you will miss out on other opportunities that come along the way if your mindset is what are you gonna get. I believe when your focus is on yourself you will miss out on a lot of other opportunities. That may sound silly and contradicting but your mindset isn’t always about you and your focus shouldn’t always be about you. Yes you want to set your mindset and you want to have focus but you don’t want to have a full focused mind set on yourself.

    For example starting out in my real estate business my focus was to be able to help others and change their mind set on their feelings towards realtors. My goal was somewhat he would say out of range for someone just beginning. That was the challenge to me was not only to hit that goal but also Grow from every opportunity that I got to help others find a home or sell their home. Each transaction I closed on I felt like I could improve and every aspect. I want to leave a lasting impression with my buyers and sellers. I want them to feel the inspiration and drive and motivation I have for them. It is always helpful to get people on board to share your excitement and mine said. Some say you’re manipulating them to think like you. I say you’re setting the mood or setting the mindset going in. I believe that smile is contagious. I believe that people can feel if your genuine or not. I have a passion for helping people and that is my driving force. My mindset going in is how can I inspire this person whether it be buying or selling a home or inspire them to hit their goals. It is relationship once you start the process of finding a home you get to know your people they get to know you and you become a team. Yes you have one thing in common in the beginning is a home. As time goes by though you want to help them in other ways than just finding a home. A few clients in the past I got to know really well they wanted to be able to run a race. I myself at that time was an avid runner and had completed a few marathons. Long story short I was able to be there when she ran her first race. I don’t know if it was more rewarding for her or for me. Just to look on her face when she cross that line was irreplaceable.The thought of being able to have a mindset to helping others and project that energy to me it’s addicting. I hope that I’m able to pass on this mindset throughout the passing of other people. I know that sometimes people get burned when they’re helping others and it makes them not want to help or have a good mindset towards helping others. We have to look past that and offer everyone a fair chance. If we all can set a good mindset and be an example to everyone we meet I feel that can help just a little bit.
    Just know that you won’t be able to help everyone or inspire others but know that you did make a little change to their thinking. You may have open their eyes to let them know that there still is good in the world and prep them for the next person shows them kindness.

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