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    Don’t Be An “On Accident” Realtor!

    Here in Idaho Falls, there are many Real Estate brokers and agents. The Group Real Estate is one among many. There is a strong need at this time for realtors, for houses to be listed, houses to be bought, and a general knowledge, and idea of what houses are worth. I say this as there are so many people who fully believe that they can do this all on their own. A For Sale By Owner sale can work. But, it is very rare. And I say very rare, in the idea and notion that going that route usually means that you will lose money on the transaction, or not get all that you needed, wanted, etc. This is why hiring a real estate professional is so important! So many look at Realtors as those who are just trying to make a big dollar, but the very truth in hiring an agent, is they will help you gain more money than you will lose.

    This brings us to the idea of an on accident realtor versus someone who is a proactive trusted adviser. Now, those last few words that I just led on to aren’t what you would normally think of when hearing about a realtor. Am I right? Let me break this down, as to why. This is a job for them, not just a way to “make a bunch of money.” If they are in it just for that, they are in the wrong profession, and you will be able to tell. As you look for a realtor, make sure that you are looking for a realtor who will go all in for you. They are someone who is, to use that word again, proactive. They proactive to your cause, to your needs, and to all other facets you may need.

    This is where the notion of being “on accident” comes into play. As a realtor, you are only paid when the sale happens. There is no hourly type pay, there is no salary that you are banking on for the 2 weeks of work that you are about to put in. There can be a sad, and sometimes very poorly stated, misconception on the lifestyle you can have as a realtor. A realtor needs to be there, proactively, for their clients in a 24 hr time frame. Now, this isn’t to say that you will be working all hours of the night and early morning, etc. But this does still let you have the freedom to leave during the day, to leave for special occasions, etc. When you are working though, you need to be working. Here is that word again. Proactively engaging in everything you can do to help facilitate what it is that your client needs at that time. This means, if you have to work your business like you would an 8 to 5, then you work it the 8 to 5. If that is what you keeps you on task, moving forward, this is the specific route for you to take. If you can work from home, and you have the drive to do that, making sure that you can be on top of paperwork, answering phone calls and doing what you can to stay on top of all the work that it takes to be a realtor.

    When someone is an “on accident” realtor, they will, more than likely, not hit certain monuments or timelines to what their clients need. Being a realtor can be a very tough task. This is a tough job to be in, if you are just going to only go half way in, if that. When you are running your own business, you want to do everything you can to make that business succeed. This is exactly what you need to do as a realtor, to make sure your business fully succeeds. You need to make sure that you are all in, that you are doing everything you can to make your clients true dreams of selling or buying come to fruition. If you have your clients’ best intentions in your heart, you will make sure not to be an “on accident” realtor.

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