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    Blue Hashi Review Brad Camphouse

    My name is Brad Camphouse aka The Bearded Realtor, I’m a realtor at The Group Real Estate, and this is my review of the Blue Hashi in Idaho Falls Idaho. After becoming a Realtor, I have found that Realtors in general can live on two staples as far as nutrition is concerned. Sushi and Coffee. Before I was a Realtor I had only eaten sushi one or two times. One of those times was out of a gas station in Hawaii. That was a poor life decision on my part, which also made me very sick. The second time I went with a friend of mine and he loved all the raw sushi. I did not like the wet slim texture of the fresh fish by itself. So strike two for me, don’t like sushi and don’t want to try it any more.

    Fast forward 6 years or so and some of my Realtor friends talk me into going to a restaurant called the Blue Hashi, for lunch.


    I tell them my experience from before and they enlightened me to the ways of tempura fried sushi rolls. The specific roll that is AMAZING is called the phoenix roll. After that I was starting to have my opinion that all sushi was from the devil, changed. I told my friend from the earlier bad experience of this and that I was willing to go out with him and try again. We went to the Hashi this time, I ordered the Phoenix roll again and needless to say I was starting to really like it. My friend ordered his all raw roll and I tried one but was not 100% sold on it still. All of this to lead up to a roll that tops all rolls. As a Realtor, title companies like to take us to lunch and most of our office likes to go to the….. You guessed it Blue Hashi. Most of them are experienced sushi eaters and have shown me the ways of the sushi. The roll that I have found beats all rolls is actually a roll that is different every time. THE VISION! The vision is a roll that the chef makes on the fly. You can give them a few guide lines but overall the roll is completely special at the time that you order it. I say no avocados “because I am allergic” and spice level of 3 “they give you an option of 1-5, 1 really is no heat at all and 5 burns your face off.”



    I have grown to love sushi. If anyone wants to ever go eat at the Blue Hashi, please let me know when and I would love to come and help you get past your fears of raw fish. It really is in the eye of the beholder. If you don’t want raw then get cooked, if you don’t want seaweed then there are other options. Just please don’t make the mistake I did and judge all sushi based on one or two bad experiences that may or may not have been poor life decisions. Not only that if you are ever in Idaho Falls and can go to the Blue Hashi the wait staff is nothing short of amazing. Five Stars in my book.


    Brad Camphouse

    208 -351-0314






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