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    Becoming a V1ktor Athlete!

    Here at the Group Real Estate, in Idaho Falls, a small brokerage doing big things in Idaho Real Estate, we love supporting one another. We make sure to support each other one hundred support, no matter what that is, as long as the cause is righteous and good. This is something that I look for in all facets of my life. As I go forward in life, I love the notion of knowing that I have people like this around me. One of the main reasons I was attracted to the sport of bodybuilding, was this exact notion. The sport of bodybuidling brings out a camaraderie in people that is not normal in other sports, per se. Especially in today’s world. As we look at other sports, there is a lot of self gratification, self gain and the chance at making a better statement for ones self, as opposed to seeing the outcome happen for those around them. Now, this isn’t to say that those other sports don’t have the love of sport and of their fellow teammates, opponents, etc. But I haven’t seen a better sport than bodybuilding for bringing together so many people in one location, who are all competing against each other, who all have each other’s backs. The brotherhood, and sisterhood, I experienced backstage was incredible. So many people high fiving, getting pics with each other, giving each other congratulation, etc. It was amazing. This is exactly what V1ktor Athletics is ALL about. The notion of making sure that we are always there for one another, no matter the circumstances, as long as they are righteous by nature.

    Today marks the day that I was announced one of V1ktor’s athletes. If you go to, click on the athletes page, you will see that I am there representing a brand that I wholeheartedly endorse. Now, you may be thinking, “you just endorse socks.” Yes, I do. But the brand itself is so much more. So.Much. More. When you are wearing the socks, not only do they provide comfort, no bleed from sweating, and they don’t give you blisters (we have marathoners on the team who do not get any bliseters or bleed from sweat at all). This is just backed by the style of sock, the amazing idea of using a sock to run a brand, but the idea of V1ktor is so much more than just a sock. A lot of companies that give sponsorships want you to be “the face” of their brand. This is nothing like that. Nothing at all. When they ask you to be a part of their company, they want you to showcase how you represent the brand and how you support your fellow athletes. Of course, they love the fun posts, the awesome pics of you working out, running races, doing your thing, but more than anything they want to see how you represent a family feel, and what you do to represent V1ktor Athletics.

    I am truly honored to say that I am a V1ktor Athlete. As I have progressed in my love of the sport of bodybuilding, going forward with my working out and dieting, making it more of a lifestyle that is boardering on profession, this has been the best step that I could have taken. As my friend, who is also an athlete with them, brought me into the idea of making it as an athlete with them, I was blessed with the opportunity to interview to be an athlete and truly see what they were all about. The one thing that I truly wanted to be a part of, or knows set them apart from other companies, is that they put family, religion, love and friendship over all other things. The thing that truly sets them a part, is the culture. And, as I say again, I am truly honored to be a part of this wonderful company. Truly honored.

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