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    1960 Better Homes and Garden Five Star Homes, Design No. 2804

    five-start-home-2804This weeks Floorplan Friday comes from Better Homes and Garden. It shows a lot of what was modern at the time with heavy elements like the masonry chimney that runs up the side. Big glass windows (that’s going to get hot and cold) and nice deep shade elements. The living area seems to spill onto the back patio and it quite likely would have back then. I would love to host a party at this kind of house even now. The shear amount of glazing helps to blur the definition of house and yard. However, that also creates issues as there is no deliniation between the public and private space- a fence would definitely be needed along with a garage for todays living style.

    That being said for the square footage, this home packs it in! 1,511 square feet and it has 3 bedrooms, a living room, a family room, a decent sidze kitchen, a dining room and an entry. I have to say I would be pretty happy to find this home today!


    Greg Croft

    Greg Croft

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